The Secrets to Food Styling and Food Photography in our Insta-Worthy Cooking Class at Simplee Gourmet


This man has great knife skills and ready for class

The start of a tempting dessert

The start of a tempting dessert


Hands on food styling up close with Maggie Heller


Tips for food styling-shoot the photo at an angle and smooth out the basil leaves with your fingers to manipulate them to the position you want them .


Photo and food styling tip-the camera likes grill marks


Photo and food styling tip-Symmetry and balance.


Photo tip-Balance the weight in your frame and let your eye have objects to follow in the background.


Photo tip-find some interest in the image and in this picture be sure and add the handle of the skillet in the photo.


Many thanks to Maggie Heller for her expertise in photography and food styling and sharing it with us in our Insta-Worthy Cooking Class


This Blueberry Crumble will meet all your expectations

Lili Courtney